FREE Child Safety Kit

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FREE Child Safety Kit

Fill out the form to request your FREE Child Safety Kit.

This FREE Child ID Kit allows you to collect and store all of your child’s vital information in one place, including fingerprints and DNA, just in case you ever need it.

The Child ID Kit also includes 24 pages of guidance for parents, helping you build your child’s self-confidence by teaching them how to stay safe at all times. Specialized, no-scare methods are included for each age group.

Kit includes all of the necessary forms and detailed instructions for every step:

  • Fingerprint forms
  • How to take fingerprints
  • How to sample your child’s DNA
  • How to store your child’s DNA
  • Record of personal information, including name, birthdate, address, doctor, medications, allergies, etc.
  • A space for a current photo
  • Extra forms for when your address or doctor changes

NOTE: Fill out your first name, last name and email and click the purple “Download Your FREE SAFETY KIT” button. On the next screen, you’ll have the option to either download the PDF or to fill out your address, if you prefer to receive a copy of the free safety kit in the mail.

To get the freebie please click on this link:

FREE Child Safety Kit

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